"Print Driver Host For 32 Bit Applications Has Stopped Working" Error – How To Repair

The “printer driver host for 32 bit applications has stopped working” error is a warning message particularly linked to complications in the network of printers. This typically shows up if you access the network printer to print; at times, the error is also present even if you are not printing anything. After hibernating, the computer, you will be surprised to see the error flash onto the screen. This problem is a defect in the design of Windows 7 operating system. The error can be removed by repairing issues with the network printers in Windows 7. The tutorial in this page will show you how.

What Causes The Error?

The error will usually be posted on a screen as a message that looks like this:

“Print driver host for 32 bit applications has stopped working.”

It is talking about the problem with the printer driver host; it basically means that the network has to be properly connected to the printer. The possible causes could be malfunction of one of the drivers of Windows and errors in the registry. These issues have to be resolved so the error message will stop appearing. You will not be able to use the printer unless you deal with them first. To find out the best solution to the problem, read the tutorial below.

How To Fix This Error

The first thing that you should do is to remove the existing printer by going to START> Control Panel. Select the Add/ Remove Programs tab and then find the printer on the list that will appear; remove it by clicking REMOVE or UNINSTALL. Re install the printer into another port; go to Devices and Printers> Add Printer> Add Local Printer tab. Choose the one for creating a new port and then select the Standard TCP/IP port which is found in the “Type of Port” heading.

After that, a box will appear bearing the hostname or the IP address. In it, you need to type the hostname of the network printer or the IP address. Automatically, the “port name” box will be assigned the same details. Make certain that the box for “query the printer and automatically select the driver to use” has been unchecked. Then, you will have to update the drivers needed for the printer. Press the Windows Update button to get the list of latest drivers needed for the printer. After doing these, find the printer from the list and continue with the installation.

Finally, use the Frontline Registry Cleaner program to effectively resolve the error. Download it and install it to your computer. Run the tool and it will automatically spot the registry files causing the errors to show up. This tool can deal with the delicacy of the registry and the constant threat of damage to its files. This is your number one safeguard against errors in the computer.

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