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If you live in or around New York City and want a parcel or package delivered quickly then you need an Express Courier, maybe even one that offers overnight delivery.  The express delivery service usually comes at greater expense than your standard courier service but there are times when you need your delivery to reach its destination by a certain time no matter what.  Some Couriers in NYC specialise in express courier delivery.

Imagine the size of the United States.  Now imagine that you want to send a package from New York City to San Francisco, and it needs to be there by the following day.    New York Express Couriers can make this happen. 

When agreeing to a courier job, the express courier company needs to consider the amount of time left in that delivery window, and so will normally provide cut of times when they accept deliveries of this nature.  Parcels to different destinations will usually have different cut of times.

If parcels are sent over a longer distance thant just around the block, then the chances are that they will be sent via air, which again is a very good explanation for the increase in costs.  It costs a lot more to send a parcel by plane than it does by pushbike!

Some smaller courier firm’s piggy-back the larger firms when it comes to express delivery.  This means that you will deal face to face with the courier firm you ‘think’ is sending the parcel but they will in fact pass the parcel on to another company for the actual shipment.  Some larger courier firms actually have their own fleet of planes and vehicles and the smaller players in the market sometimes take advantage of these.

Of course, Express Couriers don’t only deliver nationwide around the states.  They also deliver in and around New York City.  If you have a parcel of package that needs to get to its destination by the same day then most Couriers in New York City will be able to help you.    Some of the smaller couriers in New York are known as ‘Personal Couriers’ and they will wor closely with clients to ensure that their packages reach their destinations on time.  This is usually done by push bike, motorcycle or van – it really depends what the distance of the delivery is and how bad the traffic is! 

Personal Couriers enjoy good relationships with clients as they usually deal with them on a regaular basis.  You also find that customers find a courier that they can trust and they stay loyal, sometimes for life.



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