How to Fix the R6025 Runtime Error

The r6025 runtime error is a very common problem to affect all computers running the Microsoft windows operating system. The main cause of the r6025 runtime error is because part of the application has become corrupt for some reason. Fixing the problem can be done by following the procedure below:

  1. Close down the application which caused the r6025 runtime error. To do this if the program has stopped responding load the task manager by pressing “Control” “Alt” and “delete” together and then selecting task manager.
  2. At the top of the task manager you will see a series of different tabs, click on the one that says “Processes”
  3. Look down the list to identify the application which is causing the problem
  4. Right click on the application in question and click “End Process Tree”

You should now open the control panel, uninstall the application using add remove programs in the control panel. Clean manager can then be used to clean up all trades from your computer; this can be done by doing the following:

1. Click Start

2. In the search box on the start menu type clean-mgr

3. Click the found file

4. Click “Files from all Users”

5. Follow all directions and click buttons when told

6. Wait for the program to scan and clean your computer

7. Restart your PC

When the application has been installed you may be able to continue using it by installing it again. Try with a new copy of the installation media so that you know they aren’t damaged. This should solve the r6025 runtime error.

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