Horse Racing Tips For Today – Look For a Runner Under Penalty to Be a Real Trier!

Horse racing tips for today, in fact any day come thick and fast. The fact is, the hardest thing about choosing winning selections when betting on horse racing Monday to Friday, is knowing whether or not your selection has actually been primed to win, and is attempting to win its race!

There are some sure fire signals to look out for and they may be:

Jockey strike rate for the trainer, check this out!

Has a jockey travelled for just this one runner? Especially a big name jockey?

Corresponding race or time of season for victories last year?

Horse now running off the rating allocated for its last win?

Travellers check? How many miles has the horse travelled to race? Over 200?

Watch out with particular interest for horses quickly returned to the track racing under a penalty!

Some of the best horses to back are horses running under penalty for a very recent win. These horses normally run within a week of a recent victory due to the handicapping system. These quick returning horses run under a penalty weight before the official assessor revises the horses rating.

These selections are particularly strong if many of the above criteria are met also. They will not all go on to win for sure. All horses are unique and flourish under certain conditions. For example, one disadvantage to these quick returning horses may be that some do not take to being over raced. So a few will not live up to the task next time out after a hard race.

However, if you have a selection that ticks many of the criteria described and you are able to watch a replay of the race, take in to consideration how tough the horses last race was. You will be able to see if your selection was driven for all it’s worth for the last two furlongs, or whether it was able to skip easily away from its rivals.

The one thing is for sure, any horse racing under a penalty again quickly turned out will be trying its best to win the race. This is what you need, horses that are really trying. It is very easy to get a horse beaten in a race. The fact that connections are racing under a penalty means they intend to grab another quick success before the handicapper has his or her say.

One of the best horse racing tips for today is to begin researching and looking for signals as above to see properly whether your horse is having a day away from the stable or actually trying to win!

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