Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of web hosting plan do I need?

If you are new to web hosting or are creating a site with low to moderate amounts of traffic, Shared Hosting is likely the best option for you. It is the most affordable web hosting you can buy and will likely have more than enough resources for your site(s) to run quickly and efficiently. As your site grows and you experience increases in traffic and usage, it may be time to move up to Virtual Private Server Hosting, where you are given your own partition of a dedicated server. Finally, if you have a resource-intensive application or a site with a very high amount of traffic, you have the option of upgrading to your own Dedicated Server, which provides you with all of the server’s resources and allows you to configure it any way you see fit.

What tools or software can I use to build my website?

LuvBeing Hosting makes it easy for new web developers to get their sites up and off the ground. All of our Hosting plans come with Softaculous, an application installer that will allow you to download over 250 applications to help you with your website. These applications include, but are not limited to, Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, Online Marketplaces such as Prestashop, Magento and OpenCart, and many others. Shared Hosting is a perfect environment to develop and hone your programming skills and provides a number of tools for novices.

How do I transfer my Web pages to your server?

LuvBeing offers free website transfers to make sure your site is moved to our servers without any downtime and without losing any of your important data. This applies to website transfers that consist of 3 or fewer cPanel accounts. Read more on How to transfer a domain name to LuvBeing

Can I host multiple website with my hosting account?

The number of websites you can host with one account depends on the Business Hosting plan you select. For Starter plans, you will be allotted 2 websites for your account. For Business plans, you can have up to 5 websites. With our Premium plan, you can host an unlimited number of websites. No hidden fees or surprise charges, just multiple websites for one low price.

Purchased a hosting plan, now what do I do?

You are ready to start building your website(s). Once you have purchased your Shared Hosting package, log in to cPanel and begin installing applications such as WordPress, and explore options such as setting up your email. We have a number of education channels relating to getting your account set up. If you run into problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to our helpful support staff for help.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting allows you to re-package and re-sell server resources as if they were your own. You can use your allocated hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of other companies and individuals. So basically, it gives you the
ability to serve as your own web hosting company. You have your own clients, under your own brand, and you have the ability to set any price you choose. LuvBeing Hosting’s Reseller Program handles everything on the backend: server management, hardware and software upgrades, load balancing, etc.,
allowing you to focus on expanding your business. With anonymous name servers our Reseller Hosting accounts are completely white label, giving you full branding

Am I responsible for providing support to my customers?

You, the reseller, are responsible for providing support to your customers.
LuvBeing Hosting will provide you with 24/7 support via email, live chat, and
telephone call. You also have access to our Support Center of articles, tutorials, and

How long does it take to get accounts setup?

Setting up new accounts is a fairly simple process. Just fill in a few details and you’re good to go. All-in-all it takes about 20 minutes.

Can I determine the resources my customers receive?

Yes, you have complete control over the amount of resources that each of your customers receive. You have the ability to assign as much or as little disk space, bandwidth, domains, etc. as you like. You are only limited to the amount of resources on your reseller hosting plan.

I am not sure which plan to choose, can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can do this at any time. If you choose the wrong plan, do not hesitate to contact us and one of our reseller hosting specialists will be happy to help.

Can I have a Custom Nameserver?

As a reseller, you have the ability to use your own custom nameservers, which can help you in branding your reseller accounts. For example, instead of having them point to our default nameservers, you can have them point to:

    Welcome to LuvBeing World Tech.
    Welcome to LuvBeing Bot